Luxury Small Hotel Suite

5 hotel suit 1

Can you visualize a room of about 45 meters containing a Bed, Wardrobe, dressing table, Sitting area, TV library, Coffee corner, and Bathroom for a luxury suite in a grand hotel?

So, this case is evidence of the importance of the interior designer.


Existing Plan

From the beginning, we designed every inch to perform and function.

This helped in creating the right ambiance and a soothing atmosphere that would immediately put all visitors and guests at ease.

After modification
 After modification
3 furniture
Final Furniture
4 top view

Based on this, everything was chosen starting from materials, color palette, and accessories

5 hotel suit 4 1

We designed this spacious bedroom to be a perfect retreat for anyone looking for luxury and comfort.

5 hotel suit 2 1
5 hotel suit 3 1

The sleeping area is separated from the living area by a partition in the middle of the room.

5 hotel suit 6 1

On the other side of the room, a plush sofa and chair invite you to relax and enjoy a cozy home theater atmosphere, with a TV installed opposite and a coffee corner next to it.

5 hotel suit 5 1
6 bathroom 2
6 bathroom 1

The luxurious restroom has been fitted with the very best items from the finest sanitary ware manufacturers on the planet. Moreover, the aroma of fresh plants and flowers throughout the room/suite gives the place a soothing feeling at all times.

8 hotel lobby 1 3

All hotel rooms/suites are linked by a repeated reception area.

We designed them with the same concepts and colors.


8 hotel lobby 2 1

While the design of each accommodation is, more or less, identical, the unique positioning does offer slightly different views from every room/suite. This leads to varying experiences with the environment in the immediate vicinity.

8 hotel lobby 3 1
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