Riyadh Villa

We would take you on a tour of our stunning villa interior design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It consists of three floors. Ground-floor is a full reception; First-floor is for bedrooms while The roof is a private suite for the owner.

Our aim for the design was not only to be a fascinating contemporary style but also to meet the big family’s needs and go in line with their different lifestyles.

The Ground Floor:

Riyadh Villa 25

It is divided into two parts, each with its entrance.

 The first section is for guests and consists of a men’s saloon, a dining room, a washbasin, and a toilet.

Riyadh Villa 26
Riyadh Villa 1

We designed the men’s saloon to be luxurious and at the same time comfortable to perfectly welcome the guests.

The salon is an exquisite room with enough circulation for the Ocean blue colored Couches to be arranged in a U shape with black, white, brown, and Ocean blue colored pillows.

Riyadh Villa 3

The walls are a mixture of marble, wood panels, white painted walls, and dark mirror surfaces.

Riyadh Villa 4

We designed the main dining room as a simple yet refined dining experience, predominantly white with accents of browns, gold, and stormy blues.

Riyadh Villa 5
Riyadh Villa 6

Behind the men’s parlor is a marble-top double sink resting on a wood cabinet. With a golden ornate wooden partition designed to partially separate the area from the entrance.

Riyadh Villa 7

A sliding wooden door separates the guest’s area from the rest of the ground floor level, which includes the family living area.

Riyadh Villa 8

The family living area includes an open kitchen, dining table, large L shape sofa, and a TV.

The living area is designed to be predominantly off-white with a hint of blue, caramel, and gold giving off calm elegance.

Riyadh Villa 20 1

On the entrance’s wall is a wooden panel installation with an ornate mirror and wall lights beneath it is a marble table set.

Riyadh Villa 9 1

The room features an L-shaped couch seating with gold trim furnished with pillows of varying colors; brown, and ocean blue, sitting on a leaf-patterned carpet.

Riyadh Villa 10 1

Opposite the couch is a partition wall with a marble base with brown wooden panels where the TV rests and a recessed shelf for decorations and beneath the TV is a fireplace installation.

Riyadh Villa 12 1
Riyadh Villa 18 1

The rest of the ground floor is an open kitchen and a dining table for family and close friends.

Riyadh Villa 13 1
Riyadh Villa 15 1

The kitchen is carefully designed to perform its function while maintaining its beautiful appearance due to its openness to the living area.

Riyadh Villa 16 1
Riyadh Villa 19 1
Riyadh Villa 17 1

We replaced the wall in front of the staircase with a large window of transparent glass to benefit from the greatest amount of natural light and the stunning view of the patio.

Riyadh Villa 22

We covered the patio with a wooden pergola for climbing plants, a set of wicker furniture.
The patio is accessed from the main dining and living room.

The First Floor:

The first floor is entirely dedicated to bedrooms with a family living room.

Riyadh Villa 27
Riyadh Villa 24
Riyadh Villa 28
Riyadh Villa 29 1

 The living room offers a cozy seating area, a small open kitchen with a shelf unit to partially divide the reception area from the kitchen, as well as a small bar for quick meals.

Riyadh Villa 31
Riyadh Villa 32
Riyadh Villa 33
Riyadh Villa 34

The rest of the floor is 4 bedrooms, two for girls and two for boys, each with a unique design.

Each room’s owner selected his preferred shade from orange, pink, blue, and yellow.

The first room is a modern-styled room with double L-shaped wooden recessed lighting on the ceiling and walls.

The wall behind the bed is decorated with wallpaper in soft colors and patterns.

As for the second room, light wood was used to make a frame on the wall behind the bed with LED lighting, and on the wall, a unique piece of marble was installed, and we added two chandeliers on both sides of the bed instead of the traditional table lamps, and opposite the bed, there is the closet and in the middle is the dressing table.

This room was meticulously crafted, blending the serene colors of white, blue, and yellow to create a captivating space.
The partitions on the walls were painted in a soft shade of blue, evoking a sense of calmness and tranquility.
White furniture and accents added a touch of crispness and brightness, while pops of vibrant yellow infused the room with energy and playfulness.

This room embraced a warm and earthy color scheme, with a captivating blend of orange, brown, and beige tones.
Vibrant pops of orange were incorporated through playful accessories and textiles, infusing the space with youthful energy and vitality.
This carefully curated combination of colors and textures resulted in a boy’s bedroom that exuded comfort, style and a sense of personal expression.

Riyadh Villa 43


As for the roof, it is a large suite for the owner with a spacious luxury bedroom, living room, dressing, bathroom, baby room, and terrace.

Riyadh Villa 45 1
Riyadh Villa 46
Riyadh Villa 47

To give a touch of luxury we used wood stripes with marble to design the back wall of the bed.

The dressing room is designed in a very practical and beautiful way, as well as the master bathroom.

Riyadh Villa 57
Riyadh Villa 52

A charming nursery adjoins the unit, featuring a baby bed designed with a delightful house-shaped roof and white wooden boundaries.

The walls exhibit a playful arrangement of brown, white, and blush partitions and shelves, perfectly positioned in front of the bed to store materials and toys, creating a whimsical and organized space.

Riyadh Villa 55

A really special living room is also included in addition to all of this.

Riyadh Villa 56

Outside the living room, is a lovely balcony with a fixed seat that was covered in a wood pergola to provide privacy and protection from direct sun.

Riyadh Villa 58

The attention to detail in this Villa brings out the grandiose feel and charm that makes this home unique.

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