Bosporus Turkish Restaurant

This restaurant features an impressive and intricately detailed design that will have you mesmerized at every turn.

Bosporus restaurant 2

It has an open layout spaced apart for excellent lighting and a stunning view of the surroundings.

Bosporus restaurant 1

Anywhere in the hallway, thanks to the expansive, transparent glass windows, you can enjoy the lovely view of the surrounding greenery.

Restaurant Interior Design

As you enter from the street entrance, you’re welcomed to the reception area, which is finished in marble tile and covered in a designed CNC cutting rose gold steel.
Within is a pattern of blueish mosaic tiles that contains our exquisitely created logo, “Bosporus.”

Bosporus restaurant 3

And next to it, there is the juice bar that was covered with a wonderful assortment of five different tiles
3d Turkish tiles, marble, and backlit white tiles that were distributed to appear randomly with golden linen and marble for the countertops.

Bosporus restaurant 4
Bosporus restaurant 11
Bosporus restaurant 5

And because this luxurious restaurant allows its customers to see the food during preparation, the kitchen wall, which is located along the juice bar, was designed with a transparent glass window amidst the colored tiles.

Bosporus restaurant 13

In front of the kitchen wall, there is a long red sofa with a few tables resting on a distinctive wall that displays some distinctive landmarks around the world, the most important of which is the Bosporus Bridge, which bears the name of the restaurant.
This landmark piece is a Back-lit CNC-cut steel bezel with a rose gold-tone finish.

Bosporus restaurant 9

As for the second entrance to the restaurant, which opens to the mall hall, it was designed in a very attractive way and draws the attention of everyone who passes by.

Bosporus restaurant 14
Bosporus restaurant 7

we designed it in the form of two trees of walnut wood that meet together in the ceiling, and rear damage units were installed for the tree branches and also in the ceiling.

Bosporus restaurant 6
Bosporus restaurant 8
Bosporus restaurant 12

In the culmination of our creative journey, we take great pride in the resounding success of our restaurant design, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our passion for crafting spaces that leave a lasting impression.

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