Fish Restaurant

fish restaurant 3

This is a restaurant and outdoor relaxing area with a beachfront setting. It’s the perfect area to enjoy the lovely weather with a view of the sea outside through the large windows.

fish restaurant 10

After viewing the water or spending some time at the beach, you might wish to enjoy the pleasure of fish meal in this fish restaurant.


fish restaurant 11

The utilization of woods, trees, and other natural materials creates an incredibly beautiful aesthetic appeal while also giving adequate lighting, better air quality, and a warm and inviting ambience for an excitable mood.


fish restaurant 6

This restaurant has a nautical theme that features a bamboo-poled entrance and fish and ship patterns on the walls and roof.

fish restaurant 1

We provide a variety of cheerfully finished wooden chairs and tables for maximum relaxation.

fish restaurant 7

In order to create a warm atmosphere, we use wood typically softened by use of leather. We also utilize the use of bamboo to depict patterns and designs.

fish restaurant 9
fish restaurant 8

A fish-shaped strip of light and a hexagonal mosaic tile in various hues of blue are used to complete the feature wall in the serving area.

fish restaurant 13
fish restaurant 2

And if you are keen to take a distinctive picture for your Instagram, you will not find a better photo site than this, with very special accessories such as the fishing boat, the cart, and the pots in front of the plantings.

fish restaurant 12

The outdoor area was also creatively designed.

We created the white outdoor wooden seating area in the shape of a cart instead of traditional seating sofas.

fish restaurant 5

Just in front of the dining cart-style seats are some half-circle-shaped blue cushion sofas with orange pillows neatly arranged on them, those sofas rest on a woven partition for those who prefer some privacy.

fish restaurant 4

Our beautifully constructed relaxation center is ideal for you to unwind after or before enjoying the beach’s experiences.

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