Modern industrial coffee shop resize 10

We were responsible for the interior design of a café that caters primarily to teenagers looking for fast food and drinks.

We planned the place well and furnished the elements in the appropriate places. resize 6

The design approach we chose was modern industrial, using white and navy stone, black iron, and dark wood. resize 15

The large windows provide ample natural light during the day, but we also relied on muted artificial lighting and dark colors to create a slightly mysterious atmosphere. resize 16

The counter was a work of art in itself, made of wood, concrete, and marble. resize 9

The wall behind the counter and the column next to it were covered in black iron, and concrete behind it, adding an extra layer of industrial character to the space. resize 8

The combination of wood and concrete floors added another level of sophistication to the design. resize 14

The open ceiling reveals air conditioning ducts that match the industrial style. resize 13

We set up bars along the windows so customers can enjoy the views while sipping coffee. resize 11

And we added many beautiful accessories that make everything perfect. resize 12

The combination of dark colors, soft lighting, and beautiful accessories make it an unforgettable experience for the customers. resize 7

There is no doubt that the successful design of restaurants and cafes enhances the dining experience.

Overall, we have succeeded in impressing our client with the lovely design we have created for this coffee shop.

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